Children’s Dentistry Services

Dentistry for kids is small scale dentistry for adults, but usually the actual treatment is less complex — only the patient has a little understanding of why they’re there!

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We offer nitrous oxide sedation if needed as well as environmental aides in a kid friendly facility. We have nurturing dentists that welcome the needs of children and try our best to accomplish what we can in office to keep children out of hospital settings.

Good Dental Health Starts Early

Early intervention and screening is important to try and prevent tooth breakdown before it starts or becomes extensive and escalates treatment requirements. As children’s teeth are small with a prominent internal cave system or pulp and a thinner enamel layer, it takes less surface breakdown for bacteria to reach the pulp in an oral environment that is often more challenged. When bacteria reaches the pulp the resulting invasion or infection can result in significant pain and swelling if multiplying bacteria is not able to find a path of escape or otherwise be significantly reduced. As such even though often we are dealing with teeth that may have a replacement, their health and maintenance of surface protection and positioning is important for the bigger picture of well-being and foundation that is established during growth and development.