Dental Exams & Cleaning

Regular dental exams and cleanings or dental hygiene are the mainstay of preventative dentistry.

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Our primary objective is to help you not have dental or oral health problems. While we may be professionals at treating such problems, the best remedy of treatment is preventing its need in the first place. Teeth that are set on the tabletop last an eternity. It is always what they are challenged with that may break them down.

Good Dental Health Is A Commitment

Our expectation is for our teeth to last a lifetime. If they are not, we must ask ‘why’ and alleviate what is overcoming their inherent state. Teeth are naturally quite robust. Unfortunately they can sustain sudden or ongoing slow and sustained challenges of bacteria, acids, and force that can create change. Teeth are not self repairing. There is not a vitamin that can be taken to alter their surface strength. They do not have a cellular turnover like bone. As such damage sustained is often irreversible to its natural form. While we may not be able to give back what has been lost, we want to provide the next best thing when repair is necessitated. However, the best offence is early intervention to keep repair requirements minimal and aim to prevent them from being needed by controlling the environmental elements that challenge our teeth.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

If teeth are left unattended, problems escalate and can have significant implications and consequences. Draw your line in the sand and aim to maintain where we are at with your current oral health status. We don’t want to move backwards and now in today’s dental era we can even take forward steps if we are committed to doing so and conditions allow. Our methods, products and procedures are always improving and our experienced dentists are here to help.