General Dentistry

General dentistry encompasses all aspects of dentistry for all ages.


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Our dentists and dental hygienists offer regular prevention and maintenance services with regular professional hygiene care, examination and diagnosis of oral health, and the repair and maintenance of teeth and gums to avoid inflammatory and diseased states to keep the mouth healthy and the portal of entry to the rest of the body.

Oral Health Is Critical For Your Wellbeing

There are several links to systemic health and a healthy mouth. As with all aspects of health, early detection and keeping challengers that can induce change in check is of utmost importance. As is keeping yourself (the host) resistant, healthy and non-susceptible to disease. These challengers come in the forms of biology (bacteria), chemistry (acids), and physics (force). When these challengers are in excess, the teeth and gums can become inflamed, diseased and breakdown. While we can try ourselves with product applications to protect and repair our teeth, for the most part our teeth do not share the same cellular turn-over repair process as bone and as such are not self-repairing. This is why our profession exists.

Fully Integrated Dental Health

We are here to repair teeth as needed with fillings and crowns on the surface, rid the canal system inside the tooth of invasion of bacteria with root canal therapy if access has been gained through cracks and decay, keep the interface with bone free of build up that is rough and harbours bacteria in the form of plaque, tartar, or calculus so the tooth remains solid with bone support, and protect and prevent the need for treatment in the first place through regular maintenance, home care and prevention strategies depending on what may be challenging your teeth and gums in excess. As our smile is also our presentation to others of course we are also here to help make them look nice with dental esthetics in the form of whitening, bonding, veneers, and assisting with alignment issues for function and esthetics in the form of Invisalign.