Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Extractions and wisdom tooth removal is often necessary if bacteria is substantially or repeatedly harboured and we are not able to eliminate it by other means. 

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We want the mouth and gums to be in a healthy state first and foremost and the invasion or infection created by bacteria can escalate if not attended to or is inaccessible to easily reduce.

An Extraction Is Sometimes The Best Option

Extraction can be the only means available and necessary to keep the area healthy. If the area is not healthy and harbours bacteria your body’s own defence mechanisms will work to eliminate the source of the infection. We work to expedite this process to eliminate pain and swelling due to localized infection that can become systemic.

We Work To Promote Long Term Dental Health

Tooth extractions may be necessary due to problems such as significant decay, abscesses, mobility, fractures, inability to restore or a more predictable or cost effective form of replacement or alternative is available. We wish to reduce higher potential of problems and balance all factors considered including cost when considering risk vs reward and the suggestion of extraction may simply come under advice as the most wise course of treatment and/or the one chosen by the patient.