Emergency Dental Care

Tooth trauma, bleeding, and swelling can all represent emergency dental situations.

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Our office offers services for broken teeth, tooth pain, dental abscesses, displaced teeth, etc. We even help you identify what may be considered urgent or timely care and what may represent a true emergency. Lost or rather dislodged fillings, cracked teeth, broken cusps, chipped teeth, sensitive teeth are all quite common dental situations that we are happy to help you get addressed.

Every Dental Emergency Is Different

Unfortunately not all scenarios warrant repair per se, we may simply need to help alleviate what may be challenging the area in question. Furthermore everyone defines a chipped tooth differently so sometimes may require simple smoothing and other times a tooth reconstruction. We often have options for treatment and cost and insurance considerations enter the equation and procedure times may vary greatly. As such sometimes a person may require an assessment appointment prior to booking the appropriate amount of time for treatment and the timing of such with insurance considerations when predeterminations are desired to ascertain coverage of procedures. We help guide you through your treatment options and always want to keep people out of pain.

You Can Rely On Us

Urgent and emergent dental needs are important to have a dentist as we do not know when they may arise. Dentists are obliged and want to treat or provide guidance for their existing patients. This doesn’t always mean a midnight office visit but may be a timely prescription or simply phone or text advice. Communication has become quite easy in today’s world of constant contact. Please reserve after hour contact for the office at any time or of an emergent nature if contacting our doctors directly.

Call today to become a patient of our office. Previous records are not required. We will ask about your health and dental history to get a clear picture of your past dental health situation.