Dental Implants and Bridges

Dental implants and bridges are some of the available tooth replacement options that we offer following an extraction.

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Options also include going without a tooth/teeth (although this decreases function and concentrates force which can lead to further problems) or a removable replacement option such as a denture or partial denture.

More About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be a structure that spans from tooth to tooth over a missing space or that spans from implant to implant over a missing space. Dental implants are a replacement anchorage device that acts as a new tooth root when a single one is placed or as an abutment anchor to spread out connection points for teeth to be mounted to them. Tooth implants are not ‘posts’ per se as we utilize posts within natural teeth to restore and give internal structure to a root canal treated tooth that needs help to hold a central core that an overlying crown can then be retained as a new encompassing exterior enamel layer or shell. Dental implants can also be used to anchor a denture with attachments to keep it from floating.

More About Dental Implants

Dental implants can have anatomical restrictions for placement and may require grafting or alteration of the foundation prior to or at the time of placement or may not be feasible. Bridges can span over top of what may lie beneath often with less surrounding area alteration but require alteration of the connection teeth. While dental implants are very predictable and are intended to stand the test of time we always have to keep in mind that often something overcame the natural tooth that was also at one time very strong in the area and these would be challengers must still be kept in check to ensure longevity of any replacement.